Preventing Crashes Before They Occur

The Driver Safety Solution with a Virtual Co-Driver


Dreyev Next-Gen Capabilities

Virtual Passenger

Dreyev can evaluate the risk (associated with the current speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, pavement, weather and traffic conditions), then match it against the level of attention exhibited by the driver.

  • Dash/Driver cam with GPS location
  • Track driving safety performance

Computer Vision

Driver attentiveness and alertness is measured using a computer vision technology to analyze head pose, eye gaze, and eyelid closing to flag possible distraction and drowsiness.

  • 360° View of fleet daily operations
  • Personalized driving profile

Proactive and Adaptive Alerts

To increase adoption and effectiveness, dreyev uses AI and Machine Learning to create custom models of driving habits and experiences to ensure driver tendencies are paired with road conditions.

  • Driver performance dashboard and insights
  • Real-time fleet tracking

The Insurtech Innovators 2019

Back Row: Yogesh Shetty, Avibra; Sally Poblete,
Wellthie; Roberto Sicconi, dreyev
Front Row: Brandon Gell, Clyde; Maggie Stys, dreyev

Our Vision

In today’s age, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents and fatalities. Companies continue to implement new safety technology for vehicles, but it simply isn’t enough when it comes to distracted drivers.

Our mission is to save lives by counteracting this epidemic. We provide an Intelligent Vision Safety System for fleets & insurers to reduce collisions caused by distracted and drowsy drivers. An AI-powered virtual coach assesses driving risks and provides warnings, customized in real time to improve drivers attentiveness at all times.

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The Insurtech Innovators 2019

Awards and Recognition for dreyev’s Safety and Loss Reduction Technology

Dreyev was nominated as a semifinalist for the 2018 startup Of The Year

Top 100 - Startup of the
Year 2018

Katerva Transportation
Category Winner 2019
(Sustainability Award)

Female Founders in
InsurTech Winner 2018

Digital Insurance Innovators
to Watch in 2019

This interview was recorded in 2018 as we were Beta Testing under the product name «LigoFit» which later got rebranded to «dreyev»

Dreyev was nominated as a semifinalist for the 2018 startup Of The Year

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